NDM - Nom De Marque; is a jewelry line based in Los Angeles that specializes in creating unique, individually crafted jewelry, produced using the latest 3D printing technology alongside traditional casting methods.  All of our items are crafted in the USA.

NDM launched two years ago as an antidote to the “culture of sameness” that has infected street style, to provide an alternative for the fashion-forward man who demands quality but values their individuality too.

" With competitive pricing, we cut-out the middle-man by selling our collection exclusively online, directly to you. This allows us to offer our customers high-end quality jewelry, without the retailer's markup ".

We use only the highest quality precious metals (such as fully certified 14k and 18k gold and rose gold, and sterling silver) to produce unique statement pieces that are designed and constructed to last a lifetime.

The modernized process of 3D Printing not only gives us the ability to sculpt very complex forms & come up with a superior level of detail that has never been seen before, but also to design and create shapes in ways that could not be achieved using traditional jewelry-making techniques.

Every single piece in our collection is individually created with heart and passion; we don’t mass-produce our jewelry.

NDM. Crafted with passion.


938 S Lake Street, 90006, Los Angeles, California, USA